A Comprehensive Water Crowdsourcing and Management Platform


Welcome to JalDristi, a state-of-the-art Water Crowdsourcing and Management Platform! Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution for crowd-sourcing water-related problems, analyzing geo-referenced images, and efficiently managing water-related issues.

Problem Statement

Problem Statement ID: 1291 Organization: Ministry of Jal Shakti Category: Software Domain: Disaster Management

In the realm of disaster and crisis management, particularly during flooding events, water quality issues, urban flooding, and drainage problems, geo-referenced images shared by citizens are invaluable. JalDristi categorizes water-related problems, facilitates open data sourcing, and assists administrators in proactive water management.


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  • Mobile App (Flutter): Capture and submit water-related problems with geo-referenced images.
  • React Web Dashboard: Real-time visualizations of water-related issues on a map.
  • Python AWS Backend: Handles image analysis, data processing, and open data sourcing.
  • Open Sourcing of Data: Promotes transparency and data-driven decision-making.
  • Disaster Management Support: Aids emergency responders and financial loss assessment.


JalDristi comprises three essential components:

  • Mobile App (Flutter): Empowers users to report water issues swiftly.
  • React Web Dashboard: Provides administrators with real-time insights.
  • Python AWS Backend: Ensures robust data processing and storage.



To set up the project locally:

  1. Clone the repository:

git clone
cd JalDristi
  1. To run flutter app
  • cd app/jal_dristi_app
  • flutter pub get
  • flutter run android

Credentials (For Testing)

  • For admin -> username: admin, password: admin
  • For reporter -> username: ashu, password: ashu123


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