To-do List – Flutter

Task List application developed in Dart language with SDK (Software Development Kit) Flutter for Android, iOS and Web.


After developing a Mobile Application of decentralized information with Flutter SDK, I understood numerous details that an application should follow such as: the study of colors, the size/shape of a button, guiding users through a path between the moment access to the final goal, to make this process pleasant and useful, so that the user not only follows the path, but enjoys the process and comes back more often, […]. Then I reached the conception of the complexity of an Interface. So, with the vision of an Engineer and not more than a simple Programmer, I walked in the development of some Apps in Flutter willing to apply and amplify the aforementioned understandings, incorporating the computational logic necessary for each project and this was the Application (one).


The Application was developed in the Android Studio Integrated Development Environment, using packages to improve fluidity and asynchronous methods, manipulating json files and making the tasks perennial.

Writing: To add a task is very simple, just type the name assigned to the task and click on the blue add button.

Delete all:

Erase and Undol:

Focus Error:

Tools for Development:

  • Need to install Android Studio or VS Code.
  • Flutter/Dart
  • JDK: Java Development Kit (JDK) 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 or superior
  • Android SDK: 4,5GB
  • SO: Windows/Linux (64-bit Required)
  • RAM: 8GB

Android Requirements:


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