TrackFolio is a real-time software application designed to help freelancers and business owners effectively manage their projects, clients, tasks, and team members for better company growth. Our motivation originated from recognizing a market void in which the present CRM applications fail to cater to the specific requirements of small business owners and freelancers. These apps are typically developed for bigger organizations. Therefore, to address this gap, we designed a tailored solution specifically targeting this niche group.

Mockups and Brainstorming Ideas

We adopted a collaborative approach in designing Trackfolio. Our team members brainstormed a variety of ideas, styles, and features to incorporate into the app. This approach allowed us to tap into a diverse range of mindsets and viewpoints, ensuring that Trackfolio would appeal to a wide audience. Here are some of the design concepts and features that we came up with:

image image

Through this, we combined elements from our individual implementations to create a final paper prototype for our app idea, that you can see below.

image image

Final Implementation

image image image image image image image image


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