I have created a full course on API integration in Flutter from scratch to advance level. If you are a new bee and looking for a flutter resource regarding API integration then you will find it interesting. These videos are not just simple tutorials that i have created, i am sharing my experience in the field of app development and what type of mistakes i did during my learning phase and that you are not supposed to do. So, all of your questions that are shaking your mind will be answered here. Here is what we will learn in this course. Introduction to APIS.

  1. Understanding of JSON Structure.

  2. What is Postman, how it helps us to understand the JSON Response.

  3. What is model, what are Plugins and how different Plugins help us to create models of our API JSON data.

  4. How we can parse JSON data via Model. GET APIS

  5. What are Get APIS

  6. What are different scenarios to handle Get API

  7. Integrate Get APIS with Plugins Model and show data into List\

  8. Integrate Get APIS with your own Model and show data into List

  9. Integrate Get APIS with without Model and show data into List

  10. Very Complex JSON practical Example


  1. What is POST API
  2. How do Post APIS work
  3. Implement Login & Sign Up with with REST API in flutter
  4. Upload Single Image onto server via HTTP Request Example
  5. Upload Multiple images to server
  6. Upload data in arrays to server
  7. What is MVVM, what is the importance of learning MVVM architecture.

Covering all the above concepts into a single app that we will create at the end of this course. So what keeps you stopping to learn Flutter, let’s start. Happy flirting with Flutter.


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