Add a powerful and customizable GIPHY picker into your Flutter app.


Using enough_giphy_flutter has the following benefits:

  • The mandatory GIPHY attribution is not an afterthought – use it “as is” to get your app approved or customize the attribution according to your needs.
  • Platform-specific UI: use cupertino look and feel on iOS and MacOS, material on Android and other platforms.
  • Easily localize all texts.
  • Customize the look and feel according to your preferences and style.
  • Uses as few dependencies as possible.


Add this dependency your pubspec.yaml file:

  enough_giphy_flutter: ^0.2.1

The latest version or enough_giphy_flutter is enough_giphy_flutter version.

API Documentation

Check out the full API documentation at https://pub.dev/documentation/enough_giphy_flutter/latest/


Use enough_giphy_flutter to select a GIF, sticker or emoji from GIPHY.


  • Sign up for the mandatory API key for each supported platform at developers.giphy.com, compare https://developers.giphy.com/docs/api#quick-start-guide for details. Select API and not SDK when generating the API key.
  • Android: Ensure to add internet permission to your AndroidManifest.xml: <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
  • When ready, apply for a GIPHY production key

Pick a GIF, Sticker or Emoji

Use Giphy.getGif(...) to pick a GIF, sticker or emoji.

import 'package:enough_giphy_flutter/enough_giphy_flutter.dart';
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      return TextButton(
        child: Text('GIPHY'), 
        onPressend: () async {
            final gif = await Giphy.getGif(context: context, apiKey: '123abc123');
            if (gif != null) {
                // the user has selected a GIF, now handle it in your own way.
                // Example: display gif using the GiphyImageView:
                    context: context,
                    builder: (context) => AlertDialog(
                        title: Text(gif.title),
                        content: GiphyImageView(
                            gif: gif,

Choose What to Pick

  • Set the type parameter to switch between gifs, stickers and emoji, e.g.

final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    type: GiphyType.stickers, 

final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    type: GiphyType.stickers,
    lang: GiphyLanguage.german, 
  • Use the rating parameter to show other than ‘all ages’ content:

final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    type: GiphyType.gifs,
    lang: GiphyLanguage.spanish, 
    rating: GiphyRating.pg13,


Localize texts with the following String parameters of the getGif() method:

  • searchLabelText
  • searchHintText
  • searchEmptyResultText
  • headerGifsText
  • headerStickersText
  • headerEmojiText You can also define an errorBuilder callback to display a localized error message:

// example for localizing text in German:
final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    type: GiphyType.gifs,
    lang: GiphyLanguage.german, 
    rating: GiphyRating.g,
    searchLabelText: 'GIPHY Suche',
    searchHintText: 'Deine Suchanfrage',
    searchEmptyResultText: 'Nichts gefunden...',
    headerGifsText: 'GIFs',
    headerStickersText: 'Sticker',
    headerEmojiText: 'Emoticons',
    errorBuilder: (context, error, stacktrace) => 
        const Center(child: Text('Leider gab es einen Fehler,\nbitte probiere es sp├Ąter noch einmal.')),


You can show a confirmation dialog before a gif is selected by setting the showPreview parameter to true:

final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    showPreview: true,

The preview is either a material AlertDialog or a CupertinoAlertDialog depending on the platform. This dialog will show the title and – if available – the creator of the gif. You can search for other gifs of the same creator by tapping on the creator’s name.


With enough_giphy_flutter your app automatically fulfills the GIPHY Attribution Policy:

  • A GIPHY logo is shown next to the search field
  • The preview dialog shows the creator of the selected gif.

If you want to show a different attribution, set the Widget? attribution parameter, e.g.:

final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    attribution: Image.asset('assets/images/giphy.gif', height: 40),

To hide the attribution, set showAttribution to false:

final gif = await Giphy.getGif(
    context: context, 
    apiKey: 'abc123abc',
    showAttribution: false,

Customize UI

Apart from the above can customize a lot of things, e.g.

  • Set gridType to GridType.squareFixedColumns or GridType.squareFixedWidth to use square tiles instead of the default stacked tiles. Or even specify your own gridBuilder to create your very own representation.
  • Adapt the spacing between columns using [gridSpacing], defaults to 4.0.
  • Adapt the minimum number of columns shown with [gridMinColumns], which defaults to 2.
  • Create your own gridBorderRadius or set it to null to adapt the border of the shown GIFs in the grid to your liking.
  • Disable search by setting [showSearch] to false.
  • Disable the user switchting between gifs, stickers and emojy by setting [showTypeSwitcher] to false.
  • Enable showing a high quality preview before returning a selection by setting [showPreview] to true.
  • Set [showAttribution] to false to hide the attribution or specify your own attribution witdget with [attribution].
  • Enable keeping the state of the currently selected type and search between invocations by setting [keepState] to true.
  • Show you own UI on top of the GIPHY sheet after the user has selected a [GiphyGif] by setting your custom [onSelected] callback.
  • Create your own previewBorderRadius or set it to null to adapt the border of the shown GIFs in the preview to your liking (remebder to set showPreview to true).

Build your own Giphy Experience

Use the widgets package to build fully customized GIPHY solutions easily. Use the API documentation and the source for guidance.

import 'package:enough_giphy_flutter/widgets.dart';

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Licensed under the commercial friendly Mozilla Public License 2.0.


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