Dashboard Reborn

A very sexy Flutter template app with great focus on UI, design and animations. It is written entirely in Dart code and built using Flutter widgets, so it can be compiled to run (very smoothly) on both Android and iOS.


UI Demos

Dashboard Reborn Dashboard Reborn Dashboard Reborn


There are three main pages in the app:

  • About Page: a clean, neutral cards layout mostly consisting of text.
  • Material++ Page: a lively, heavily animated page consisting of bold Material Design colors.
  • Gradients Page: a beautiful paginated cards layout complete with a colorful gradients theme.

You can use these individual components or all of them together as a template or starting point in your own Flutter app. It's completely free, as in beer and speech!

That said, if you liked this project and found it helpful, kindly fork/star this repo to show your support, and perhaps checkout some of my other projects. It really helps!?


To build and run the app on your device, do the following:

  • Install Flutter by following the instructions on their website
  • Fork/clone this repo to your local machine using git clone https://github.com/urmilshroff/dashboard_reborn.git
  • Connect your devices/emulators and run the app using flutter run --release in the root of the project directory.

Note: you can also run it faster in debug mode using flutter run, but the animations will be choppy and performance won't be as expected.