✏To do List

📃About the project


“To do List” is a mobile app for Android developed with the Flutter framework and the Dart programming language. The app allows the user to create a task list where they can add, edit, and delete tasks. The information is saved in a local database created with SQLite.

The app has an inclusion screen with a priority system where the user can add the priority of each task. The priorities are displayed in a card on the main screen. The user interface is designed with a TabBarView system to view ongoing and completed tasks. The AppBar is fully customized and created by the developer, based on the PlayStore design.

🗺Project architecture

The project was organized with the Clean Architecture, which divides the code into layers: data, domain, and presentation. The following is the folder and file structure of the project:

  • lib
    • data
      • providers
        • database_provider.dart
        • task_provider.dart
      • task_repository.dart
    • domain
      • model
        • task_model.dart
      • useCases
        • add_use_case.dart
        • delete_use_case.dart
        • update_use_case.dart
    • presentation
      • screens
        • add_task_page.dart
        • home_page.dart
      • widgets
        • my_app_bar.dart
        • priority_button.dart
        • task_list_notifier.dart
        • task_list_widgets.dart
        • text_form_field_builder.dart
        • theme_app.dart
      • app.dart
    • main.dart

⚙Prerequisites and how to run the project

To run the project on your machine, you need to have Flutter and Dart installed in the version indicated below:

  • Flutter 3.7.6
  • Dart 2.19.3

After installing the dependencies, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository on your machine.
  2. Open the terminal in the project root folder.
  3. Type the command flutter run to run the project.


This is a simple app that can help the user manage their tasks in an organized and efficient way. I hope this project can be useful for you or help you learn more about mobile app development with Flutter and Dart.

Note: This project is still in development and can be improved and adjusted.


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