This project was started during the SUSE hackWeek 2023. For further information see hackweek project page

Why ?

To track tasks and organize agenda, you can use some web app like Trello, or Notion. But you probably will need to subscribe to a plan. And your data … Don’t know where they go. I didn’t find an opensource project that create a kind of app that can be run as a desktop app from our favorite distribution.

App Features

  • Dashboards as home page to get a short list of todo task, with a view on the Calendar and print the local weather, date, etc…
  • Page with list of tasks arranged in a tab “todo”, “In Progress”, “to verify”, “Done”.
  • Have a calendar automatically fill with update of tasks.

App UI

Welcome Page

welcome page

Task Page

Task Page

Agenda Page

Agenda Page

Create Task

Agenda Page


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