Expense tracker app created with help of udemy course section 4

How a new Flutter Dev can benifit

This app was created for educational and learning purposes it has all the basics a flutter beginner will needs in it journey. With that said it also has docs commenting explaining the hard and important concept of Flutter & Dart with that it also gives you an idea of how the data is passed in the flutter app

What I learned from this Module

Flutter Fundamentals

  • Compose UI from built-in and custom Widgets
  • Custom Widgets are also composed from built-in and other custom Widgets
  • Style and configure via arguments
  • Use the Docs & IDE support!

Styling and configuring Widgets

  • Styling & Layout options are very different: EdgeInsets.all(), BoxDecoration(), enums, .... Docs + IDE support help you
  • Often, there's more than one Widget or option to get the job done


  • Define a Global theme for colors and text to then tap into it from anywhere in the app via Theme.of(context)
  • Built-in Widgets use theme settings automatically

Business Logic

  • Lift state up and use stateful Widgets only when needed
  • Pass functions references and data around
  • Adjust the UI to your logic