Helper classes to encode and decode UTF16 string to List.
It also supports encoding/decoding emojis.

This lib was created for another package and is specialized for this,
but it can be used anywhere. Also I am not a UTF-Pro, I just needed
an en/decoder and implemented a basic one.

If you find issues or need some other features, please fill the issue tracker.

Also I appreciate Pull Requests!

Getting started


Add this line to your pubspec.yaml:

zooper_flutter_encoding_utf16: <latest>

and inside your dart class:

import 'package:zooper_flutter_encoding_utf16/zooper_flutter_encoding_utf16.dart';


// Decide which encoder you want to use
// BigEndian or LittleEndian
final encoder = UTF16BE();

var bytes = encoder.encode('Hello World');

// bytes = [0, 72, 0, 101, 0, 108, 0, 108, 0, 111, 0, 32, 0, 87, 0, 111, 0, 114, 0, 108, 0, 100]

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