Programming Assignment

In this programming assignment, you’ll create a simple web application in Flutter. The application will be used to display a Master-Detail view for a list of tasks obtained from the mocked API. The example design is presented in the image below.


Implementation requirements:

  1. Use the following packages:
  • freezed (generating class methods)
  • riverpod (state management)
  • go_router (navigation)
  1. A Task class should have three properties (Title, Description and Date) – currently it has only Title and Date. Add Description property to the Task class.
  2. Implement a navigation (using go_router package) that supports changing urls and back button in the browser.
  3. Add a side menu or navigation bar with 3 pages (Tasks, Projects and Teams).
  • First page contains a list of tasks. When one of the items is pressed, a detailed view is displayed. Every list item should show Title and Date. The detailed view should also present Description text.
  • Projects and Teams pages should display only texts with page names.
  1. Use getTasks method from network_service.dart file to get data for the Tasks page.
  2. Use the Riverpod package to display the list of tasks.
  3. Make the application suitable for internationalization.

Optional: Add support for changing language (dropdown with English and Arabic languages).

Optional: Make the application responsive.


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