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It is a sample Google Chrome browser extension

The extension was built in Flutter Web.

Flutter Web extension showcase

How to build

% cd /path/to/project/root

% flutter build web --web-renderer html --csp

This will generate a /build/web folder in the root of the project.

How to install in Chrome browser

Note: this is not an official package, not published via Google Extension Market.
If you feel uncomfortable to play with it, then stop here. For the rest, have fun! ?

  1. Download the ZIPed extensions package from here.

  2. Unpack it into a folder and remember the path.

  3. In Chrome menu open the Settings -> Extensions page

(Shorter way: type into the browser address bar: chrome://extensions/ )

  1. Enable the Developer mode switch in the top right.
    Then 3 new buttons will appear, chose the first one: Load unpacked elements ...

  2. Locate the unpacked ZIP folder and select the folder to load.

  3. The extension is loaded.

  4. Open a new browser window, and click the extensions icon (puzzle icon) on the top right:

Pin it:


  1. Open/Close it by clicking on the icon



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