How to build and install Front

With flutter in terminal :

You don’t need to build or run the back-end app for use the flutter application

cd client

flutter pub get

flutter run

How to build API

With docker :

Start by running the docker daemon and build the image with the following command:

cd ./api && docker build -t redditech .

and run your image with:

docker run -it --rm redditech
Without docker :

Verify go (version 1.17) is installed on your machine.
After that, you can build and run your API with the following commands:

cd ./api && go build -o api && ./api

Reddit api routes documentation

Search suberrit api:

Basic reddit url

useful link

Search subberit topic


sort=desc (by default)
sort_type=created_utc (by default)
after=TIMESTAMP (optional)
before=TIMESTAMP (optional)
size=NUMBER (number of data in array)


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