To-do Tada

A fully open source visual to-do list Flutter application.


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See the license file at the root of the project.


This app is a drag and drop visual to-do list. Each icon is supposed to represent a to-do list item. Instead of checking a box, you drag the completed icon from the "To-do" side to the "Tada" side. Implementing a list in this manner makes it easy to visually see how many items need completed and how many have been completed.


The workflow for this app utilizes GitHub Projects.

  • Generic To-do Lists covers the basic functionality of the to-do list app.
  • Daily Lists Screen expands on the general to-do list functionaly by allowing lists to be created for and sorted by specific dates.


Initial planned sitemap.



1. All Lists

2. Daily Lists

3. Other Lists

Packages and Plugins

Flutter allows the use of packages contributed by other developers. This app utilizes a variety of plugins.