A Stable GeoFence Library


A flutter project to provide Geo Fence functionality in Android and IOS

Getting Started

Getting Started


In your AndroidManifest.xml you should add the following lines:

final geoFenceService = GeoFenceService()

Starting GeoFenceService

    ///Latitude of the fence center
    fenceCenterLatitude: _fence_latitude,

    ///Longitude of the fence center
    fenceCenterLongitude: _fence_longitude,
    ///Radius in meter which indicates how much area will be covered by Fence
    radius: fence_area,

Stop GeoFenceService


Get User status with respect to Fence

Status status = geoFenceService.getStatus()

Get user’s current location

Position? position = geoFenceService.getCurrentLocation()

Listen change for Enter and Exit status for the fence

geoFenceService.geoFenceStatusListener.listen((geoFenceStatus) => {
    ///here geoFenceStatus will be listened whenever user enters or exit

Important: As the geoFenceStatusListener is a stream so do not forgot to cancel it when the widget gets dispose().

Note: This library doesn’t work when the app is in the background.

Reference: This library uses GeoLocator internally


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