Kaboom Dart

An asynchronous Kaboom wrapper, written in Dart.


To get started, initialize a Kaboom instane:

// Initializes a new Kaboom instance. 
// URL is optional and will default to https://staging-kaboom.herokuapp.com. 
// Note: if self hosted, you need to include the port.
var client = KaboomClient(url: "https://your-kaboom-url.com");

You can then access all the endpoints from this instance.


Logging in

// Returns a LoginToken object containing an access token and a user.
// In this example, it logs in the demo user.
await client.login("demo", "kaboom123");

Sign up

// Also returns a LoginToken.
await client.signup("username", "password", "[email protected]");

After authenticating, you can access the users token using client.accessToken.

Basic Usage

The basic usage for the package is this: client.[endpoint]?.[function()];.


Searching for a comic:

var t = await client.comics?.getComics(params: {"query": "venom"});
t?.results?.forEach((element) {

Adding an issue:

var issueJson = "{\"issue_name\": \"New issue name\", \"characters_id\": [1, 2, 3], \"format_id\": \"1\"}";
var t = await client.comics?.addIssue(client.accessToken, issueJson);


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