dart wrapper for mpesa daraja api by safaricom


  1. [Done]Lipa na mpesa [x]
  2. [inprogress] C2BSIMULATE
  3. [inprogress] B2B
  4. [inprogress] C2B
  5. [inprogress] B2C
  6. [inprogress] TRANSACTION STATUS
  7. [inprogress] ACCOUNT BALANCE
  8. [inprogress] REVERSAL

Getting started

You Will need a few things from Safaricom before development.

  1. Consumer Key
  2. Consumer Secret
  3. Test Credentials for Development/Sanbox environment
  • Login or Register as a Safaricom developer here if you haven’t.
  • Add a new App here
  • You will be issued with a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. You will use these to initiate an Mpesa Instance.
  • Obtain Test Credentials here.
  • The Test Credentials Obtained Are only valid in Sandbox/Development environment. Take note of them.
  • To run in Production Environment you will need real Credentials.
  • To go Live and be issued with real credentials,please refer to this guide
  1. Add dependancy in pubspec.yaml


Future<void> main() async {
  final stk = MpesaDaraja(
    consumerKey: 'Dm4oJgziMyOT7WTmJzQfEZS6jjzg1Frd',
    consumerSecret: 'RGRvsUGkO4jc3NuW',
    passKey: 'bfb279f9aa9bdbcf158e97dd71a467cd2e0c893059b10f78e6b72ada1ed2c919',

  await stk.lipaNaMpesaStk(


  • coming soon ….


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