FAB Circular Menu

A Flutter package to create a nice circular menu using a Floating Action Button.


Getting started

Wrap your content with FabCircularMenu and set your desired options:

  home: Scaffold(
    body: FabCircularMenu(
      child: Placeholder(), // Replace this with your content
      options: <Widget>[
        IconButton(icon: Icon(Icons.home), onPressed: () {


Property Type Description Default Caveat
required child Widget The child of this widget -
required options List The available options of the menu -
ringColor Color The color of the ring Colors.white
ringDiameter double The diameter of the ring screenWidth * 1.2
ringWidth double The width of the ring ringDiameter / 3
fabMargin EdgeInsets The margin around the FAB EdgeInsets.all(24.0)
fabColor Color The color of the FAB primaryColor
fabOpenColor Color The color of the FAB when opened primaryColor Will override fabColor for open state
fabCloseColor Color The color of the FAB when closed primaryColor Will override fabColor for close state
fabOpenIcon Icon The open icon Icon(Icons.menu)
fabCloseIcon Icon The close icon Icon(Icons.close)
animationDuration Duration The animation duration Duration(milliseconds: 800)
onDisplayChange Function A callback called when the open/close state changes Function
controller FabCircularMenuController A controller for opening or closing the menu null