A customizable floating action button menu that will pop up fabs with special animation.


In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  fan_floating_menu: any

Import the fantasy menu package like this:

  import 'package:fan_floating_menu/fan_floating_menu.dart';


Simply create a FanFloatingMenu widget, and pass the required params:

        menuItems: [
          FanMenuItem(onTap: () {}, icon: Icons.edit_rounded, title: 'Edit Texts'),
          FanMenuItem(onTap: () {}, icon: Icons.save_rounded, title: 'Save Notes'),
          FanMenuItem(onTap: () {}, icon: Icons.send_rounded, title: 'Send Images'),


Customize the FanFloatingMenu widget with these parameters:

  /// Defines the direction of the whole Floating Menu.
  /// Defaults to [FanMenuDirection.ltr]
  final FanMenuDirection fanMenuDirection;

  /// Defines menu items, that are of [FanMenuItem] type.
  final List<FanMenuItem> menuItems;

  /// Defines the [Curve] for use in all animations related to.
  /// Defaults to [Curves.easeInOutBack]
  final Curve expandItemsCurve;

  /// Defines any widget for the toggle button widget.
  /// If null then a plus icon will be shown.
  final Widget? toggleButtonWidget;

  /// Defines the color for the toggle button icon.
  /// Defaults to [Colors.white]
  final Color toggleButtonIconColor;

  /// Defines the color for the toggle button background.
  /// Defaults to [Colors.pink]
  final Color toggleButtonColor;


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