Flutter Music App with BLoC

A Flutter music streaming application that allows users to play audio files from local storage. The app features a beautiful neumorphic UI design and provides a smooth user experience for browsing and playing music.


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Immerse yourself in your music with this beautiful and intuitive Flutter app!


  • Effortless browsing: Explore your music library with ease.
  • Stunning design: Experience a captivating neumorphic UI.
  • Seamless playback: Enjoy smooth audio control and playback.
  • Personalized favorites: Create playlists and mark your favorites for quick access.
  • Responsive experience: BLoC ensures a fluid and reactive app.

Key Technologies:

  • Flutter: Cross-platform development for flexibility.
  • BLoC: State management for a responsive experience.
  • Neumorphic design: Modern and elegant look.
  • Just Audio: Powerful audio playback engine.

Get Started:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/Hamad-Anwar/Flutter-Music-Player-App-With-BLoc.git
  2. Install dependencies: flutter pub get
  3. Connect your device or start an emulator.
  4. Run the app: flutter run


This project uses the following dependencies:

  • shared_preferences: For storing user preferences.
  • bloc: Core BLoC library for state management.
  • flutter_bloc: BLoC integration with Flutter widgets.
  • equatable: Simplifies object comparison for BLoC.
  • google_fonts: Access a wide variety of fonts for customization.
  • flutter_svg: Display and interact with SVG icons and images.
  • sqflite: SQLite database for persistent data storage.
  • path_provider: Provides access to device file system paths.
  • path: Utilities for handling file and directory paths.
  • permission_handler: Requests and manages runtime permissions.
  • just_audio: Powerful audio player for Flutter applications.
  • on_audio_query: Fetches and organizes audio files from device storage.
  • layout_pro: Advanced layout capabilities for complex UI structures.
  • shimmer_effect: Create shimmering loading animations for a polished look.