Made for Credicxo Internship Coding round

  • Developed in Flutter using BLoC pattern
  • This app provides the Top ten songs according to MusixMatch non commercial API.
  • Each song can be selected for further details as well as limited lyrics provided by the API
  • Songs can also be bookmarked from the song detail page.
  • All bookmarked songs can be viewed from Bookmark button on the ‘Trending’ (Home) page


Usage :

  • Real time Network sensitive app – check by turning on/off internet on home and details page.
  • Bookmark button on the home leads to bookmark page
  • Bookmark button on track page bookmarks it. (visible on bookmark page)
  • API can be changed in /lib/constants.dart
  • Please change API if app is in “connecting” as only 2k hits per day is allowed.

Todo :

  • Refactoring
  • Performance improvement
  • UI could be changed for better UX


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