A Flutter increment value project with smart contract on Astar local.

Getting Started

You should run astar-collator in your local network.


After installing, you run below command.

astar-collator --dev --tmp

deploy ‘./assets/solidity/counter.sol’ to astar local network on hardhat or remix.

You copy your smart contract address to here
‘./lib/configs/config.dart’ -> contractAddress.

const contractAddress = "paste your contract address here";

build this flutter repository.

flutter run -d web-server

And access in chrome(should be working metamask wallet extension).

picture 1

Connect metamask wallet

You got this page, and metamask wake up.

picture 2
picture 5
picture 4

Connected to your wallet!

picture 7

DEMO incrementer(Contract call)

If you have connected to your wallet, you can call increment smart contract.

picture 7


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