a task for eighty three company

This is a Flutter Demo App Contains the UI Design of E-Commerce App

Suggested Features

  • home screen with functioning add to cart and add to favorites system.
  • cart screen with functioning total price for each product’s quantity.

Tools Used

  • Getx (Get.put(), Get.find(), Obx, Bindings, Debendency Injection, GetBuilder())
  • Responsive UI (MediaQuery)

In Details

  • Only getx package to modify the quantities, favorite sand the cart’s total price.
  • inline Json objects to simulate api responses and with their models to show the contents of the Home screen (Addresses, Categories, Deals, Offers).
  • Data is only cached
  • code cleanliness and good structure


Used Dependecies

    sdk: flutter
  cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2
  get: ^4.6.5


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