A flutter application helps people with prosthetic limbs.

  • To get information about the latest news and technology.
  • Browse products and buy them online.
  • Knows the most common issues and gets support.


  • Firebase auth for creating an account with email.
  • Shared preferences for storing user data.
  • Firebase cloud firestore, Firebase storage for storing data online.
  • Paymob for payment online.
  • HTTP post.
  • screen-util for adapting screen.
  • Bloc design pattern.
  • Web_view/ video player/ image picker for good user experience.


splash screen welcome screen 1 welcome screen 2
splash_screen welcome_screen_1 welcome_screen_2
welcome screen 3 sign-up screen log-in screen
welcome_screen_3 sign-up_screen log-in_screen
news screen article details screen web-view screen
news_screen article_details_screen web_view_screen
store screen search screen product details screen
store_screen search_screen product_details_screen
cart screen order details screen payment screen
cart_screen order_details_screen payment_screen
fix screen profile screen edit profile screen
fix_screen profile_screen edit_profile_screen
admin screen admin product screen admin news screen
admin_screen admin_products_screen admin_news_screen


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