“StarBook” is a digital diary, and a mood tracking app. The user will be able to rate his mood for each day and write a short story for him, like how his day was. Color is given to each mood, let’s say, green for a happy mood, red for angry and yellow for a sad mood. The statistics of users will be visualized in a methodical structure. For this the app will form a graph, calendar, each date box is colored with the color of users' aura lets say green for positive spirits. StarBook will cooperate with users to boost their positive energy and train healthy thinking, correspondingly moving towards calmer and patient personality. StarBook will use positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy for you to better understand yourself, overcoming stress, anxiety, and depressions. The app is all in all focused to give personalized experience to every individual user, increasing their productivity, objectivity, and emotional health.

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.


  1. To get started, fork this repository to your GitHub account.

  2. Clone the repo.

     git clone<your-username>/star_book.git
  3. Install packages.

     flutter pub get
  4. Run project.

     flutter run

Steps to use Unsplash Photos to home_page.dart (Optional)

  1. Uncomment .env from pubspec.yaml

             - .env
  2. Add a .env file to the root of your project.

  3. Go to and register as a developer.

  4. Create an App and copy its Access Key.

  5. Paste the Access key in the .env file as follows:


? Demo

App is under development. For now it is like this. With your help we will add more features and functionalities.

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