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The new cross platform interface is all you need, as it includes all the options. After installing GUI you will have a shortcut in your desktop, this lets users not familiar with CLI to extract subtitles.

Usually, you will never need to use all the options (and even if you do, all the setting are saved locally at Documents/config.json in your PC) for regular usage.

The GUI basically uses dart’s process class to start the ccextractor executable and shows the progress and live output.

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Depending on your OS of choice, one or multiple options are available.


  • (preferred) Download the .msi to install CCExtractor and this GUI
  • Download the built GUI from the releases on this repository. You’ll have to provide a CCExtractor binary yourself
  • Download this repository and build the GUI by yourself. You’ll have to provide a CCExtractor binary yourself


Executables for Linux can be found here or on the releases page. Both still require to get ccextractor manually.


MacOS requires you to build the GUI from source and get ccextractor manually. For detailed information on this please refer INSTALL.MD.


For users new to GUI check out the usage guide here. You can also check all the options avaiable in ccextractor here


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. Please make sure to update tests as appropriate. For more details, see the Contributing Page


MIT License



  • Student: @Techno-Disaster (commits)
  • Mentor: @csfmp3