Chameleon Ultra GUI

A GUI for the Chameleon Ultra/Chameleon Lite written in Flutter for cross platform operation


You can download the latest builds from GitHub Actions here under the artifacts section.

App available in those stores:

Note: Under some Linux systems, especially ones running KDE desktop environments, you may need to install the zenity package for the file picker to work correctly.


  • apk: Android APK, download and install either via ADB or your app/file manager of choice
  • appbundle: Android Appbundle, unsigned Appbundle, used for Google Play publishing
  • linux: zip file containing the linux build, either run the binary manually or install using cmake
  • linux-debian: Debain Auto Packaging, Download and install with either apt, apt-get or dpkg.
  • windows: zip file containing windows build, run the binary manually
  • windows-installer: NSIS based Windows Installer, Installs the Windows build and creates Shortcuts

Note for Linux users:

You might need to add your user to the dialout or, on Arch Linux, to the uucp group for the app to talk to the device. If your user is not in this group, you may get serial or permission errors. It is also highly recommended to either uninstall or disable ModemManager (sudo systemctl disable --now modemmanager) as many distros ship ModemManager and it may interfere with communication.


Contributions are welcome, most stuff that needs to be done can either be found in our issues or on the Project board


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Mac and IOS

Mac and IOS

Why are there no macOS and iOS builds?

We are pending Proxgrid permission to use Chameleon Ultra name to complete app review in App Store. This might take ~1 week, we hope apps will be published at start of September.


You want to support us and donate? Thank you, you make it possible for us to keep this app free and make it easier to publish this app on the Apple App Store.

You have the following options:

Open Collective: ChameleonUltraGUI

Crypto Currencies if your into that jam (Although open collective is preferred):

  • BTC: bc1qrcd4ctxagaxsetyhpzc08d2upl0mh498gp3lkl
  • ETH: 0x0f20e505E9e534236dF4390DcFfD5C4A03C0eec7

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