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What is Stream?

Stream allows developers to rapidly deploy scalable feeds and chat messaging with an industry leading 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee.

With Stream’s chat components, developers quickly add chat to their app for a variety of use-cases:

  • Livestreams like Twitch or Youtube
  • In-Game chat like Overwatch or Fortnite
  • Team style chat like Slack
  • Messaging style chat like Whatsapp or Facebook’s messenger
  • Commerce chat like Drift or Intercom

Repo Overview ?

This repo contains projects and samples developed by the team and Stream community. Projects are broke up into directories under the packages folder.
Each project contains a README with build and execution instructions.

Projects ?

  • Stream Chat v1: a sample app implemented using Stream Chat and Flutter. It is a fully fledged messaging app built using a combination of our pre-made widgets and custom Flutter widgets.

  • Stream Chatty Stream Chatty is a sample chat app made in Flutter using Stream Chat, Firebase, and flutter_bloc. It has full light and dark mode support, real-time chat, and full authentication using Firebase auth.

  • iMessage clone: an iMessage clone implemented using Flutter and the stream_chat_flutter_core package.

Requirements ?

Before running this project please ensure Flutter is installed and configured on your machine. If you’re new to Flutter, please checkout the official guide with installation instructions for your OS.


  • How can I submit a sample app?
    • Apps submissions are always welcomed! ? Open a pr with a proper description and we’ll review it as soon as possible
  • Spot a bug ? ?
    • We welcome code changes that improve the apps or fix a problem. Please make sure to follow all best practices and add tests if applicable before submitting a Pull Request on Github.