h5ai scraper

A CLI tool and Dart package that can scrape file and directory URLs from h5ai instances.


This tool requires the Dart SDK. It can be compiled to a native binary – I just haven’t done so.

$ dart pub global activate --source git https://github.com/hacker1024/h5ai_scraper.git
$ h5ai-scrape --help

Usage: h5ai-scrape -u <URL> [OPTIONS]
-u, --url      The URL of the h5ai instance.
    --aria2    Output an aria2 compatible URL list.
-h, --help     Show the usage information.

JSON output

By default, the tool outputs a list of JSON objects with the following structure:

Key Value
name The name of the file or directory
location The file or directory URL
size The size of the file or directory, in bytes
iconUrl The file or directory icon URL
dateModified The file or directory’s last modified date (ISO-8601)
type Either “file” or “directory”
children The contents of the directory (directory only property)

aria2 usage

This tool can generate an input file for aria2, which is useful for downloading all the scraped files at once.

Dart package


In your pubspec.yaml:

    git: https://github.com/hacker1024/h5ai_scraper.git


import 'package:h5ai_scraper/h5ai_scraper.dart' as h5ai_scraper;

void main() async {
  final uri = Uri.parse('http://...');
  await for (final node in h5ai_scraper.scrape(uri)) {


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