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Dart package for command line applications to create an version display.


The package displays a summary of version data for a command line application. The version data it provides includes:

  • the stated version number for your application;
  • the version of the operating system the application is being run on;
  • the number of CPUs available in the machine the application is being run on;
  • the system locale for the machine being run on;
  • the name of the local computer the application is being run on.

Different data is displayed to distiguish a AOT complied application from one runing as a Dart script. The displayed differences includes:

  • Last time the script was modified vs when the applcation was built (ie AOT compiled);
  • Version of Dart being used to execute the script vs Version of Dart the application was AOT complied with;

Simple usage provides two options for application version output:

  1. Use the display() call to output the version data to stdout for display on the command line;
  2. Use the asString() call to get a string copy of the version data – in case further manipluation is needed prior to output.

Easy to use, with no addtional external dependencies. Only uses the Dart SDK builtin module: dart:io.

Screen Shots

Below are two screen example outputs:

Dart script version output

Dart AOT exe version output

Getting started

  1. Add this package to your package’s pubspec.yaml file as described on the installation tab:
  2. Import the library:
import 'package:dav/dav.dart';


The following usage is included in the /example folder as well, which can be run with: dart run example/dav_example.dart

import 'package:dav/dav.dart';

void main() {
  // Create a new object named 'version' from the class 'Dav' setting this applications version to '0.3.1':
  final version = Dav(appVersion: "0.3.1");
  // display the version informaiton to the screen (stdout)


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