Flutter Notie

A Flutter package for displaying stylish toast notifications with ease.


  • Smooth slide-up animations.
  • Pre-defined toast styles: success, info, warning, error, and default.
  • Customizable duration for the toast to stay on the screen.


To add flutter_notie to your package’s pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_notie: ^0.0.6

Then install packages from the command line:

flutter pub get


To use flutter_notie, simply call one of its static methods in your code:

// Import the package.
import 'package:flutter_notie/flutter_notie.dart';

// Show a success toast notification.
FlutterNotie.success(context, message: 'This was successful!');

// Show an info toast notification.
FlutterNotie.info(context, message: 'Some information for you.');

// Show a warning toast notification.
FlutterNotie.warning(context, message: 'Be careful!');

// Show an error toast notification.
FlutterNotie.error(context, message: 'Oops, something went wrong.');

// Show a default toast notification.
FlutterNotie.defaultNotie(context, message: 'Just a regular notification.');

// Show a taost notification with a custom duration.
FlutterNotie.success(context, message: 'This was successful!', duration: Duration(seconds: 5));


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