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What is Saffar?

A Test Taxi booking application.

Saffar is an open source project to showcase the use of Flutter with a Node JS backend (Saffar backend repository link here) along with TomTom maps service (Google Maps alternative. Link here).

The app uses Flutter as it’s frontend framework, TomTom as it’s map service, Hive as it’s local storage and Razorpay as it’s payment gateway. Clean architecture (Clean architecture lectures link here) is used to keep the app modular and it’s UI logic, Business logic and Data logic separate. It uses Bloc and Cubits state management which handles state in a clean and optimal manner.

Folder structure

  • core: Contains all the components that are used throughout the app in multiple places
  • features: Contains all the separate features used in the app
    • feature_name
      • data: Contains the components used in fetching and posting data from/to local and remote data sources
      • domain: Only the business logic is present here nothing else
      • presenter: UI and state code in present here

TomTom maps service

TomTom maps service is a good alternative for Google Maps for testing your apps with maps, also it has a free tier. It contains all the major services that are needed for most of the apps. It doesn’t have a dedicated SDK for flutter as of now i.e. when this file is being written. (If in future a TomTom SDK for flutter is available please raise an issue to correct this file). So, for now we have to work with APIs provided bt TomTom and using flutter_map. I will be writing a tutorial on how to use TomTom map service in Flutter, so stay tuned.


If you are interested to see examples of real world app code then do follow. It is always nice to connect with fellow developers.


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