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✨ About

The TrashPick mobile app is designed to guide people on how to properly dispose of waste. Users can register as a Trash Picker or Trash Collector. Trash Pickers can post details about trash disposal and they can sell their trash to Trash Pickers. Trash Collectors can buy it from Trash Pickers and sell it to recycling centers. Both users have a chance to earn points and win rewards by using this app. The TrashPick project has been developed with the Ethugalpura Pioneers’ District Rover Crew. This alpha release does not include the complete requirements and interface. This project has been developed as an open source for educational purposes.

Sample Screenshot

? Release Status

Version – Alpha Release 1.0
Initial release date – 30/07/2021

? Deployment

Deployment is not currently in use

? Built with

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Android Studio

? Prerequisites

Before you get started, follow these requirements

  • Firebase project
  • Google maps API
  • Dart SDK >=2.14.0 <3.0.0
  • Flutter SDK >=2.0.0

? How to Setup

  • Download or clone the repository
  • Move the project to the selected directory
  • Create firebase project
  • Create google maps API
  • Open it with a code editor (Android Studio, Visual Studio Code)
  • Add firebase config file
    • iOS – GoogleService-Info.plist
    • Android – google-services.json
    • Web – Follow the instructions
  • Run flutter clean and pub get commands
  • Do not update / upgrade gradle and other versions until the app is up and running with built versions

? How to Run

  • Run flutter clean and pub get commands
  • Launch Device
  • Run on the device

? Icons and Images

? Dependencies

?️ Project Gallery

Project screenshots and pictures – Project Gallery

❤️ Thanks

Thanks to everyone who supported

?‍? Developed By

Dileepa Bandara

? Contact

If you want to contact me, leave a message via email or Twitter

? License

This project is licensed under the MIT License
See the license file for more details


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