Assistant for Scrap Mechanic

This will be an app to help the players of the game Scrap Mechanic.

The goal is to have a responsive Flutter app that will look good on mobile devices as well as larger screens. Then I will use Flutter web in order to have 1 codebase for Android, iOS and Web.

Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Progressive Web App

Builds and Releases

Android & iOS

I am using CodeMagic to build the android and iOS apps

Android & iOS combined Build: Codemagic build status

Android Only Build: Codemagic build status

iOS Only Build: Codemagic build status


Build: Build Status

How to run

  • Ensure that Flutter is installed and working.
  • flutter run


  • Issues and PullRequests welcome
  • I will make a template if more people start contributing
  • Please help with documentation (i.e. how to set up the project)