Supply chain resilience flutter

How to use is

Deploy it with the username: [email protected] and passwort: admin. Unfortunately map integration won’t work, since we had to censor out the api key.

User flow:

Login()/Home() => Event() => ChooseOrder() => ChooseLocation() => Report() => Token() => RewardList() => RewardCompletion() Login()/Home() => Token() => RewardList() => RewardCompletion()

Pages and descriptions

Login: Login in with the credentials.

Home: Choose either follow path to report an incident or reedem rewards.

Event: Choose which event occured out of a list.

ChooseOrder: Search ordner number by attributes from migros order and shipping data as well as add products by typing the name and press enter.

ChooseLocation: Either take the current location or change the location by swipping the map.

Report: Add estimated delay, further information as well as suggestions to solve the problem to the report.

Token: Get rewards.

RewardList: Select how to reedem the reward tokens.

RewardCompletion: It gratulates you for reedem your tokens.


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