GroceryApp Starter

Streamlined grocery app template for a straightforward shopping experience.


  1. Development Environment:

    • Any IDE with Flutter SDK installed (e.g., VSCode, Android Studio, IntelliJ...etc)
  2. Knowledge Base:

    • Basic to intermediate knowledge of Dart and Flutter
    • Understanding of MVVM architecture
    • Familiarity with API handling
    • Basics of state management using GetX


  • You can download the pre-released version for android devices from here releases.
  • lv_0_20240221103339-ezgif com-optimize


  • Start by configuring your product endpoint, credentials, and parameters in lib\constants\AppConstants.
  • Alternatively, use the free endpoint provided below (as of the sharing date) for successful testing.
class AppConstants {
  // Replace "YOUR_API_PREFIX" with your own API base URL.
  static const String BASE_URL = "YOUR_API_PREFIX";
  static const String API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY"; //IF_EXIST

  // For testing, use the free API base URL from the released version
  static const String BASE_URL = "";

  // Project owner full name.
  static const String projectOwnerName = "FULL_NAME";


  • To use your own API endpoints, customize logical layers following MVVM architecture guidelines based on your API documentation.
  • Certain images in the pre-released version were removed due to copyright restrictions.