Flutter Grocery Shopping App

Welcome to the Grocery Shopping App with Flutter, Dart Frog and the BLoC Pattern! This project aims to create a grocery shopping app powered by Dart Frog as its backend server.

Full code available at: https://sowl.co/s/bm98kyhttps://youtu.be/eLCUDRvDkoE


  1. Intro Screen: Welcomes users with a captivating background video.
  2. Login & Registration: Sleek UIs ready to be integrated with backend functionality in the future.
  3. Home Screen: Central hub to see popular categories and top-selling groceries.
  4. Cart Screen: Displays products added to the cart and syncs with the backend server.
  5. Category Screen: Browse products by categories fetched directly from a dart_frog server.
  6. Search Screen: Search interface to be integrated with search functionality in future updates.
  7. Order History: UI to display historical orders of logged-in customers.
  8. Order Status: Monitors the currently active order status, from rider pickup to delivery

Current State

  • The Login, Registration, Search screen, Order History and Order Status are currently UI-only and lack backend functionality.
  • Products and categories data are fetched from the backend server powered by Dart Frog
  • Cart functionality is fully operational and syncs with our Dart Frog server to ensure consistent product availability and data.
  • The backend server doesn’t interface with any external databases yet. Database integration is slated for future updates.

Future Updates

  • Integration of backend functionality for the Login, Registration, and other screens.
  • Synchronization of the dart_frog server with an external database.
  • Product barcode scan feature
  • Server and database deployment to Google Cloud Platform

App Screenshots:

Intro Login Home
Welcome Screen Login Screen Home Screen
Cart Category Order History
:—: :—: :—:
Cart Screen Category Screen with Bottom Sheet Order History Screen
Order Status Search
:—: :—: :—:
Order Status Screen Search Screen

Getting Started

To get started with the project, ensure you have Dart, Flutter and the dart_frog CLI set up on your local machine.

  1. Navigate to Project Directory:

    cd <project name>
  2. Install Dependencies:

    flutter pub get
  3. Start the Dart Frog server locally:

    cd <project name>/api
    # Install the dart_frog cli from pub.dev
    dart pub global activate dart_frog_cli
    # Start the server on localhost
    dart_frog dev
  4. Run the App:

    flutter run


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