Modular-Architecture Codebase

CodeBase , Infrastructure and the common Layers (core-data-presentation)

clone the project and build your project to be Clean , Testable , Maintainable and changable

  • the project contain all integration to start your Project with Clean Architecture

Table of Contents

Integration Details

  • Union Architecture (Clean Architecture)
  • Bloc Pattern
  • Providers
  • Cashing Integration
  • Dependency Injection
  • DataSrc Options (Local – Remote)
  • Dio Network with BaseOptions
  • Interceptor Network
  • SharedPref Abstraction
  • DebugNavigation
  • BuildType
  • AppStartUpFlow
  • AppNavigator

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  1. clone the project in android studio
  2. change applicationID (packageName ) as you like
  3. change the project name from main like this title = “Starter Flutter”
  4. may need to sync , clean then rebuild the project.

why Modular Architecture ?

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  • The Project is Clean , Testable , Maintainable and changable
  • High quality App with high cohesion and low coupling
  • Build Time
  • Development Can be Divided
  • Readable Programs
  • Programming Errors are Easy to Detect
  • Allows Re-Use of Codes
  • Improves Manageability
  • Collaboration

check my last lecture about Clean architecture and Clean Code Lecture

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check the sample in the same project [Starter Flutter]


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