osm plugin for flutter apps (only Android for now, iOS will be supported in future)

  • current position
  • change position
  • tracking user location
  • customize Icon Marker
  • draw Road,recuperate information (duration/distance) of the current road
  • ClickListener on Marker
  • calculate distance between 2 points

Getting Started


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_osm_plugin: ^0.6.0

Simple Usage

Creating a basic OSMFlutter :

        currentLocation: false,
        road: Road(
                startIcon: MarkerIcon(
                  icon: Icon(
                    size: 64,
                    color: Colors.brown,
                roadColor: Colors.yellowAccent,
        markerIcon: MarkerIcon(
        icon: Icon(
          color: Colors.blue,
          size: 56,
        initPosition: GeoPoint(latitude: 47.35387, longitude: 8.43609),

Declare MapController to control osm map instead of using GlobalKey


MapController controller = MapController(
                            initMapWithUserPosition: false,
                            initPosition: GeoPoint(latitude: 47.4358055, longitude: 8.4737324),




Properties Description
initMapWithUserPosition (bool) initialize map with user position (default:true
initPosition (GeoPoint) if it isn’t null, the map will be pointed at this position

GlobalKey was deprecated

set map on user current position

await controller.currentPosition();


await controller.zoom(2.);
// or 
await controller.zoomIn();


await controller.zoom(-2.);
// or 
await controller.zoomOut();

track user current position

await controller.enableTracking();

disable tracking user position

await controller.disabledTracking();

initialise position

controller.changeLocation(GeoPoint(latitude: 47.35387, longitude: 8.43609));

recuperation current position

GeoPoint geoPoint = controller.myLocation();

select/create new position

GeoPoint geoPoint = controller.selectPosition();
  • PS : selected position can be removed by long press

remove marker

  • PS : static position cannot be removed by this method

draw road,recuperate distance in km and duration in sec

RoadInfo roadInfo = await controller.drawRoad( GeoPoint(latitude: 47.35387, longitude: 8.43609),GeoPoint(latitude: 47.4371, longitude: 8.6136));

delete last road

await controller.removeLastRoad();

change static geopoint position

you can use it if you don’t have at first static position and you need to add staticPoints with empty list of geoPoints
you can use it to change their position over time
osmKey.currentState.setStaticPosition(List<GeoPoint> geoPoints,String id )


Properties Description
currentLocation enable the current position.
trackMyPosition enbaled tracking user position.
showZoomController show default zoom controller.
markerIcon set icon Marker
defaultZoom set default zoom to use in zoomIn()/zoomOut() (default 1)
road set color and start/end/middle markers in road
useSecureURL enabled secure urls
staticPoints List of Markers you want to show always ,should every marker have unique id
onGeoPointClicked (callback) listener triggered when marker is clicked ,return current geoPoint of the marker
onGeoPointClicked (callback) it is hire when you activate tracking and user position has been changed


calculate distance between 2 geopoint position

double distanceEnMetres = await distance2point(GeoPoint(longitude: 36.84612143139903,latitude: 11.099388684927824,), GeoPoint( longitude: 36.8388023164018, latitude: 11.096959785428027, ),);


for now the map working only for android,iOS will be available soon

if you get ssl certfiction exception,use can use http by following instruction below

if you want to use http in Android PIE or above :

  • enable useSecureURL and add android:usesCleartextTraffic="true" in your manifest like example below :

    • <application ... android:usesCleartextTraffic="true">

if you faced build error in fresh project you need to follow those instruction ([#40])

1) remove flutter_osm_plugin from pubspec, after that pub get
2) open android module in android studio ( right click in name of project -> flutter-> open android module in android studio)
3) update gradle version to 4.1.1 ( IDE will show popup to make update)
4) update kotlin version to 1.4.21 & re-build the project
5) re-add flutter_osm_plugin in pubspec , pub get ( or flutter clean & pub get )



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