To-do app

Simple To-do application created with Flutter and Hive.



  • First screen

    • The First screen has a welcome message, language selection, and username input.
    • To get to the second screen you have to fill up all fields from the first screen and then press “Next”
  • Second screen

    • The Second screen includes a list of unfinished tasks with possibilities to add, remove and edit tasks.
    • To add a new task press the “+” button on your right bottom corner of the screen.
      • Tasks are stored in Hive database
    • You can go to the third screen by pressing the arrow on the top right corner of the second screen
  • Third screen

    • The third screen includes a list of completed tasks
    • You can delete task by pressing “Remove” button
    • To go back to the second screen press the arrow on the top left corner of the screen


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