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Frontend :

A powerful Http client for Dart, which supports Interceptors, Global configuration, FormData, Request Cancellation, File downloading, Timeout etc.

Getting Started

Download this package as a library

Depend on it Run this command:

$ flutter pub add dio

This will add a line like this to your package’s pubspec.yaml (and run an implicit flutter pub get):

    dio: ^4.0.4

Import it Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:dio/dio.dart';

run as web flutter :

flutter run -d chrome


CRUD operations Rest api with NODEJS, Express, and Mysql.

Folder structure

├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── server.js
└── src
    ├── config
    │   └── db.config.js
    ├── controllers
    │   ├── product.controller.js
    │   └── user.controller.js
    ├── models
    │   ├── product.model.js
    │   └── user.model.js
    └── routes
	├── product.routes.js
	└── user.routes.js

package.json and package-lock.json contain metadata about our project. server.js is the entry point and contains the logic our server to initialize and start it. src is our main source folder which serves as a container to our MVC architecture. src/config contains our configuration and its unique file db.config.js is our database connection module which helps connect to a mysql database and exports a database connection instance. src/models holds our models. src/controllers handles the controllers. src/routes holds our routing module.

Getting started

Clone the repository & change to the cloned folder

Install dependencies

npm i

Start the server

In watch mode

npm run dev


npm start

API Endpoints

GET /api/users => Get all users GET /api/users/:id Get a user POST /api/users => Add a new user PUT /api/users/:id => Update a user DELETE /api/users/:id => Delete a user GET /api/products => Get all product GET /api/products/:id Get a product GET /api/products/category/:category Group by caegory POST /api/products => Add a new product PUT /api/products/:id => Update a product DELETE /api/products/:id => Delete a product

User schema

  id: int,
  email: string,
  phone_number: string

product schema

 id: int,
 title:  String, 
 price: double, 
 description: String, 
 category: String, 
 rating: json, 
 image: String 


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