Persistent Shopping Cart

Persistent Shopping Cart is a Flutter package that provides a simple and persistent shopping cart functionality for your mobile application. It uses Hive for local storage, making the cart data persist across app sessions.

Demo Preview



  • Initialization: Easily initialize the shopping cart using init() method.
  • Add to Cart: Add products to the cart with the addToCart method.
  • Remove from Cart: Remove products from the cart using the removeFromCart method.
  • Increment/Decrement Quantity: Adjust the quantity of items in the cart with the incrementCartItemQuantity and decrementCartItemQuantity methods.
  • Calculate Total Price: Get the total price of items in the cart using the calculateTotalPrice method.
  • Get Cart Item Count: Retrieve the total number of items in the cart with the getCartItemCount method.
  • Clear Cart: Remove all items from the cart using the clearCart method.
  • Show Cart Items: Display the cart items using the showCartItems method, providing customizable widgets for each cart item and an empty cart message.
  • Show Cart Item Count Widget: Show a widget displaying the current cart item count using the showCartItemCountWidget method.
  • Show Total Amount Widget: Display a widget showing the total amount of items in the cart with the showTotalAmountWidget method.
  • Show and Update Cart Item Widget: Show a widget that dynamically updates based on whether a product is in the cart or not, using the showAndUpdateCartItemWidget method.
  • Retrieve Cart Data and Total Price: Use getCartData method in the PersistentShoppingCart class to get a list of cart items and the total price.