RichTextWriter is a versatile package for Flutter that provides developers with a powerful tool for rendering rich text content within their applications.



It offers three main functionalities:

  1. Basic text: This feature allows developers to print plain text with customizable delimiters and delays, providing control over the text rendering process.

  2. Rich text: Similar to Flutter's built-in RichText widget, RichTextWriter enables developers to compose and combine multiple TextSpans, allowing for the creation of visually appealing and styled text content.

  3. Extended text: This advanced functionality introduces ExtendedTextSpan and ExtendedWidgetSpan, which support custom text writing capabilities. Developers can fine-tune the rendering process with variable delays, as well as implement start and completion handlers for added control and flexibility.


With its comprehensive set of features, RichTextWriter empowers Flutter developers to create engaging and dynamic text-based user experiences, whether it's displaying simple text, rich formatting, or implementing advanced text rendering logic within their applications.