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FlutterQuill is a rich text editor and a Quill component for Flutter.

This library is a WYSIWYG editor built for the modern mobile platform, with web compatibility under development. You can join our Slack Group for discussion.

Demo App: https://bulletjournal.us/home/index.html

Pub: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_quill


See the example directory for a minimal example of how to use FlutterQuill. You typically just need to instantiate a controller:

QuillController _controller = QuillController.basic();

and then embed the toolbar and the editor, within your app. For example:

  children: [
    QuillToolbar.basic(controller: _controller),
      child: Container(
        child: QuillEditor.basic(
          controller: _controller,
          readOnly: false, // true for view only mode

Check out Sample Page for advanced usage.

Input / Output

This library uses Quill as an internal data format.

  • Use _controller.document.toDelta() to extract the deltas.
  • Use _controller.document.toPlainText() to extract plain text.

FlutterQuill provides some JSON serialisation support, so that you can save and open documents. To save a document as JSON, do something like the following:

var json = jsonEncode(_controller.document.toDelta().toJson());

You can then write this to storage.

To open a FlutterQuill editor with an existing JSON representation that you’ve previously stored, you can do something like this:

var myJSON = jsonDecode(incomingJSONText);
_controller = QuillController(
          document: Document.fromJson(myJSON),
          selection: TextSelection.collapsed(offset: 0));


The QuillToolbar class lets you customise which formatting options are available.
Sample Page provides sample code for advanced usage and configuration.


For web development, use flutter config --enable-web for flutter and use ReactQuill for React.

It is required to provide EmbedBuilder, e.g. defaultEmbedBuilderWeb.
Also it is required to provide webImagePickImpl, e.g. Sample Page.


It is required to provide filePickImpl for toolbar image button, e.g. Sample Page.

Custom Size Image for Mobile

Define mobileWidth, mobileHeight, mobileMargin, mobileAlignment as follows:

      "insert": {
         "image": "https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/122956/72955931-ccc07900-3d52-11ea-89b1-d468a6e2aa2b.png"
         "style":"mobileWidth: 50; mobileHeight: 50; mobileMargin: 10; mobileAlignment: topLeft"

Migrate Zefyr Data

Check out code and doc.