OpenScribe is an open source editor app that aims to replace the standard Windows editor with advanced features.

OpenScribe OpenScribe


  • Tabbed Editing 🚀: Open multiple notes in tabs to switch between them efficiently.
  • Customizable User Experience 🎨: a custom window, custom colors, light and daak mode, and multiple fonts for a unique user experience.
  • Shortcuts ⌨️: OpenScribe has a built-in keyboard shortcut to get work done.
  • Ease of Use 🌟: The app is intuitive and easy to use, so you can focus on writing.
  • Multiple Languages 🌍: OpenScribe is translated into multiple languages.
  • Fast 🏃‍♂️: OpenScribe has a fast startup time and is lightweight.
  • Open Source 📜: OpenScribe is an open source project. You can view the source code and contribute to improve the app.


Go to the releases and install the latest release. Unzip the .zip file and run openscribe.exe.


  • Create a new document with Ctrl + N or go to File -> New document

  • Open an existing document with Ctrl + O or go to File -> Open

  • Save the document with Ctrl + S or save as with Ctrl + Shift + S

  • Switch between tabs with Ctrl + Tab or click on the tab

  • Zoom in with Ctrl + Plus, zoom out with Ctrl + Minus, reset with Ctrl + 0 or go to View -> ...

  • Open settings with Ctrl + , or click on the top right settings icon

  • Get information about the with the info icon on the top right under the settings icon, hover over it to get the information

  • Print the document with Ctrl + P or go to View -> Print

  • Quit the app with Ctrl + Q

  • Note

    • When changing to light mode, probably you have to adjust the primary color setting


This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the license file for more information.


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