Rental Girl Friend App – Made With Flutter

A rental app made for you.

Rental Girl Friend is an app made with Flutter framework to provide online rental functionality. The release apk is available under the release tags. It’s also available on this drive link – [Rental Girl Friend APK]


1. Onboarding, Sign up & Sign in

Welcome Screen Signup Screen

2. Account Setup

3. Fogot & Reset password

4. Home

5. Detail & Booking

6. Search

7. Favorites

8. Chat

9. Profile

Profile Screen My Booking Screen Payments Screen My Profile Screen

⭐ Future Features

  • Facial Authentication.
  • Cancelling Bookings.
  • Movie Reviews.
  • FAQ page.

Feel free to fork and contribute to include these features. ❤︎

? Technologies

  • [Flutter v3.3.4]
  • Dart v2.18.2
  • DevTools v2.15.0

? Contribute

To contribute, fork the repository and push the changes to the master branch. Then submit a pull request for merging with the source. If your code passes the review and checks it will be merged into the master branch.

? Feedback

Feel free to send us feedback on [Twitter] or [file an issue]. Feature requests are always welcome.

? License

Licensed under the [MIT License].


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