Redditech is an IT project in which we had to use the Reddit API ( in order to build a mobile app.


For this reason we used some tools and language:

– Dart SDK version : 2.13.1 (

– Flutter version : 2.2.1 (

– HTML (HyperText Markup Langage)

– Swift

– Android Studio version : 2020.3.1 Patch 2 (


Table of contents

User Documentation

This part of the documentation is intended for users and will explain how to install the application and how to use it.

How to install

1. Click on the application.

2. Click on the button “Login with Reddit”

3. Put your Reddit ID (Name and Password)

4. Scroll down and accept the terms


You are now on the application, I invite you to look at the different features of our application in the section Features to understand the uses of the application




– Profile –

You will find different information there such as a description indicating the number of subscribers and a preference section which will allow you to know the multiple configurations that you have made on your Reddit account.


– New –

In the New’s part you will find the new posts according to your preferences.


– Popular –

In the ** Popular ** section you will find the most popular posts from Reddit.


– All –

In the All section you will find other contents.


– Comment and Vote up –

You can also see below each post an up arrow (Vote top) and a chat bubble (Commentraire). It indicated the number of comments and Votes top that there were per post.


Developer Documentation

This part of the documentation is for developers and will walk you through the most important parts of the code.

Installation / Configuration

To test our application on an emulator you will need to install Flutter and Android Studio. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to go to Introduction and install the applications with the links.




Get Some Data From API

getme() async {
    final response = await Dio().get(
      options: Options(headers: <String, dynamic>{
        'Authorization': 'Bearer $accessToken',
        'content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',

    Map<dynamic, dynamic> result =;
    Map<String, dynamic> data = Map<String, dynamic>();
    for (dynamic type in result.keys)
      data[type.toString()] = result[type];



Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Container(
        initialUrl: '$client_id&response_type=code&state=test&redirect_uri=$redirect_url&duration=permanent&scope=identity,edit,flair,history,modconfig,modflair,modlog,modposts,modwiki,mysubreddits,privatemessages,read,report,save,submit,subscribe,vote,wikiedit,wikiread',
        javascriptMode: JavascriptMode.unrestricted,
        onWebViewCreated: (controller) {
          controller = controller;
        navigationDelegate: (NavigationRequest request) {
          if (request.url.startsWith("http://localhost")) {
            var pos = request.url.lastIndexOf('=');
            var code = (pos != -1)
                ? request.url.substring(pos + 1, request.url.length - 2)
                : request.url;
            return NavigationDecision.prevent;
          return NavigationDecision.navigate;





Bottom Navigation Bar

        items: const <BottomNavigationBarItem>[
            icon: Icon(Icons.list_alt),
            label: 'New',
            icon: Icon(Icons.people),
            label: 'Popular',
            icon: Icon(Icons.all_out),
            label: 'All',
            icon: Icon(Icons.portrait),
            label: 'Profile',
        currentIndex: _selectedIndex,
        selectedItemColor: Colors.white,
        unselectedItemColor: Colors.grey[500],
        onTap: _onItemTapped,

Display Information

Example :

static ProfileViewPicture(src) { ## Example : Function to display the user's picture
    return Container(
      child: ClipOval(
            fit: BoxFit.fill,
            width: 256,
            height: 256,

  static ProfileViewRender(name, subscriber, src, hidedowns, over_18, lang, videoAutoplay, hideAds, enableFollowers) { ## Main function to display in window
    return Scaffold(
      backgroundColor: Colors.white,
      body: Center(
        child: Column(
          children: [
            SizedBox(height: 70.0),
            ProfileViewPicture(src), ## Call the function
            ## Call other functions



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