Interzone is the dart API to talk with moderator, a tiny ephemeral forum

basic blocks:

  1. world.dart, a world scaffold

each world you can think of as one individual feed on ssb. you get compartmentalized IO/storage which means you can easily drop/trim feeds when they are unfollowed to become redundant.
each followed user has their own domain ([your request]) that runs their own instance Or a shared domain, like shared domains allow groups for individual users. and you access the groups with[barrys group key]/[your request]

  1. httpConnector.dart

    has all the hooks to main calls on moderator side. handshake is the one to call on your first access when you have nothing pulled out. handshake gives you you first session key header and moderatorCapsule that has the data and they key you need for further access.

  2. moderatorCapsule and moderatorCapsuleEntry

    this is a binary codable that parses the binary object you get on a request, gives you the katamari, binary access key to post with your request and moderatorEntries that have message data.

  3. moderatorEntryFlags, moderatorEntry, moderatorEntrySet
    basic parsing of messages you can show on screen. ModeratorEntry.body related does atacama specific stuff like parsing the links, you can ignore that part if you want to store .json on the payloads.


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