Quotes App

This is a Quotes app that allows users to browse and explore different categories of quotes. Users can view quotes in a list format, tap on a quote to view it in full screen, and perform actions such as copying, downloading, and sharing quotes. The app utilizes the Provider package for state management and connects to a Node.js backend API for retrieving the quotes.

Demo Video

Click here to watch the demo video of the Quotes app.


  • View a list of quotes on the home screen
  • Browse quotes by different categories
  • Tap on a quote to view it in full screen
  • Copy quotes to the clipboard
  • Download quotes to the device
  • Share quotes with others
  • Add new quotes using the “Ideas” feature

Technologies Used

  • Flutter: A cross-platform framework for building mobile apps
  • Provider: A state management package for Flutter
  • Node.js: A JavaScript runtime for server-side development


Splash Screen Home Screen Quotes Full View Screen Create Quotes Screen


  1. Clone the repository:https://github.com/bunty-kumar/flutter_quotes.git
  2. Change to the project directory.
  3. Install dependencies.
  4. Run the app.


This app was developed by Bunty kumar(Android/Flutter Developer).


This project is licensed under the [Bunty Kumar] (LICENSE).


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