Quote App

The Quote App is a straightforward Flutter application that presents quotes using Provider state management and adheres to the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture. It also incorporates pagination to fetch and exhibit quotes in a paginated fashion.


  • Quote Display: The app exhibits quotes in a list format, providing users with a collection of inspirational or motivational phrases.

  • Pagination: Pagination functionality is integrated to facilitate the loading of additional quotes as users scroll through the list. This ensures a smooth and efficient browsing experience.

  • Provider State Management: The app leverages the Provider package for state management, enabling efficient and organized management of app-wide state and data.

  • MVVM Architecture: Following the MVVM architecture pattern, the app separates concerns into distinct layers: Model, View, and ViewModel. This promotes maintainability, testability, and scalability of the app's codebase.

  • Restful API Integration: Quotes are fetched from a Restful API, allowing for seamless retrieval and display of data from an external source.

  • Unit Testing with Mockito and Mocktail: The app's codebase is thoroughly tested using Mockito and Mocktail packages, ensuring the reliability and correctness of classes dependent on databases or web services.

Overall, the Quote App offers a simple yet effective solution for displaying quotes, with a focus on efficient state management, architectural best practices, and robust testing methodologies.